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Water Soluble Powder

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CBD is usually in a glass bottle, 

but are there other ways to consume CBD?

"I don't want to take CBD by oil everyday"

" Is there a way to intake CBD more easily?"

" Bringing around CBD oil is inconvenient"

" Doesn't CBD dissolve or melt in water?"


Our Original Water Soluble CBD Powder (Patented)

Our water soluble CBD powder dissolves seamlessly in water and can be used for health products and powdered products.


Before the development of our CBD water soluble powder, we received feedback that previously existing CBD powders would stick to the packaging of the products. With our powder, we can now manufacture the high quality CBD infused products such as cosmetics and bath salts 


Kitchodo is also proud to announce that it is licensed to sell and manufacture a cosmetics related products.Feel free to contact us for inquiries in private label and raw materials!


Types of Products

What Can I Use The Powder For?

​Our water soluble CBD powder has no taste and can be applied for many types of products such as teas, powdered drinks, health products and even cosmetics!

Image by Birgith Roosipuu


We Pride On High Quality


・ Under strict quality control at affiliated factories in the United States, only mature stems are extracted as raw materials, and THC non-detection is confirmed by analysis by a third-party organization.


・ After regular import after confirmation by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

It is powdered at a domestic factory.


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