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Insecticide and Insect Repellants

Insect Repellent Packets

We have been manufacturing our HINATA insect repellents for over 40 years to protect your special clothes and outfits. 

Image by Micheile Henderson

Inset Repellent Spray

We have created an original insect repellent spray that wards off pests and insects. Our Kitchodo fragrance provides a soft scent that doesn't cause a discomfort while using the insect repellent spray. 

Why Kitchodo?

  • No irritating smell of traditional insect repellents

  • Over 90 years of manufacturing experience

  • Eco-friendly with natural ingredients

  • No petroleum components used

  • Compatible with closets, drawers and more


In addition to wholesale of raw materials, we also accept OEM support for Jerusalem artichoke products.

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