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Kitchodo Watersoluble Powder

We have patented a process technology to make CBD, which is oil-soluble, into a water-soluble composition.

By making CBD water soluble, it can now be added to a wide range of beverages and processed foods.

Features of Kitchodo Watersoluble CBD Powder
1. Emulsification-FREE 
2. NO bitterness
3. HIGH stability (Good with alcohol and salt) 
4. *3.4 times higher gastrointestinal absorption rate
    than conventional oil formulation    *Based on Internal Research


Successful development of water solubilisation of CBD through repeated research and prototyping!  

                  *Process Patent Licence No. 7140865)

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Dissolving in water has also made it possible to produce beverage products and processed health food powders that can be dissolved in water and immediately consumed.


There was a problem that cosmetics and bath salts did not dissolve in water and adhered to the bottom of the product or the packaging, preventing the CBD from touching the skin.


The development of water-soluble CBD powder has made it possible to produce products that could not be commercialised before, as well as cosmetics that provide a higher CBD effect.

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Rapid Dissolution

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   CBD Concentration:6% & 2%
   NO additives(only 6%)

Stability Testing


Stability tests are carried out to ensure product quality and long-term stability.

The quality and feel of the product is regularly checked through detailed analysis of how the product changes over time.

Even now, more than two years after the start of the tests, no THC has been detected and the CBD concentration has remained stable.

When it comes to CBD, tincture oil is considered to be

the most common type of CBD.

Do you have any of these requirements?

‘I'm a little reluctant to drink oil straight from the bottle...’

‘Is there an easier way to take them?’

‘It's a bit inconvenient to carry around...’

‘Is CBD insoluble in water?’

Products with watersoluble features is available!

What Can I Use The Powder For?

​Our water soluble CBD powder has no taste and can be applied for many types of products such as teas, powdered drinks, health products and even cosmetics!

Image by Birgith Roosipuu

High safety and quality



・ Under strict quality control at affiliated factories in the United States, only mature stems are extracted as raw materials, and THC non-detection is confirmed by analysis by a third-party organization.


・ After regular import after confirmation by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

It is powdered at a domestic factory.

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