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Raw Material


What is CBD?

An abbreviation for "cannabidiol," one of hundreds of compounds found in hemp, called "cannabinoid."


It is a safe ingredient that has been recognized by the WHO as having no addictive or psychoactive effects.

It has been shown to act on the End Cannabinoid System (ECS), natural regulatory function present in the cells of living organisms , and normalize a variety of internal disorders. It is also attracting growing interest in the medical and beauty fields as it may have the effect of normalizing the autonomic nervous system and skin.

Research into the potential of CBD is progressing daily around the world, and efforts are underway in Japan to certify anti-epileptic drugs that contain CBD as an active ingredient.

Quality of our CBD

According to Japanese law, only the mature stems and seeds of hemp are legal to use, but at the time (around 2015), extraction and processing plants in various countries did not have separate production lines for each part of the hemp plant, which meant that production could not be carried out in accordance with the law.


At Kitchodo, the CEO himself went to the site to strengthen the guidance and management system, and succeeded in securing a production line for Japan.

The raw materials are extracted from only mature stems of ‘hemp’ at affiliated farms and CBD raw material extraction plants in Switzerland and the USA, and are imported directly from the supplier with Kitchodo's own standard of more than 99% purity, with each production lot tested for NO THC and confirmed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Drug Enforcement Department.

In order to ensure the quality, we regularly visit the suppliers and maintain a strict quality control system.


*Observation of local plantations and CBD raw material extraction plants

100% Assurance of


Not Detected

​ NO harmful compotent

To keep High Quality

Made in Japan

Manufactured at partner factories in Japan

​ 100% Compliant with Japanese Regulation

Stem Extract

Only mature hemp stalks are used

​Founded in 1923

100 years

Long history & experience

CBD purity


Only high purity CBD is imported

Pursue further possibilities


Extensive in-house research on CBD

CBD raw material

Partner Farm

intensive controlled cultivation

CBD raw material



CBD extraction under strict control

From Harvest to Sales

1. Harvested from partner farms, only the stems are used and crushed

2. Supercritical CO2 extraction followed by distillation and purification (distillate)


4. Confirm THC undetected by third-party analytical institute(with ISO17025:2017)
(*THC Test LOD: 0.0001%)


5. Application for import approval to the Drug Control Department of the Kanto Shinetsu Health and Welfare Bureau.

3. Purification and  make CBD isolates


6. Quarantine and customs application procedures for foodstuffs.


Sales of CBD raw materials and OEM/ODM

Conducting THC Test


We confirm that the CBD raw materials and products we supply comply with current legal restrictions and do not contain illegal substances such as THC, which is regulated in Japan.

They are produced and manufactured in Switzerland or the USA and only mature stems of the cannabis plant are used.

In this regard, the products have been officially imported and cleared through the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with Japanese domestic laws and regulations.


No GMO technology or radioactive irradiation sterilisation is used in the manufacturing process or in the production of raw materials, ensuring quality and safety.

In order to ensure the safety and reliability of our cannabinoid products and to ensure that everyone can use our products with peace of mind, we are committed to continuing to improve the quality of our products and provide reliable products with proper distribution guaranteed.

Always put customer needs first

The partner raw material processing plants are GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) certified and meet international standards for safe and responsible product production.

CBD is grown in harmony with nature, from soil to plant to product, in a pure environment.


The representative, Mr. Müller, is a counsellor of JIHA (Japan Industrial Hemp Association), which aims to scientifically verify the efficacy and potential of CBD in the future, promote initiatives to provide safe and secure CBD products to everyone, and widely promote the benefits of hemp in the self-medication of minor conditions. We aim to raise awareness and contribute to improving the health and well-being of every individual.


Kitchodo Watersoluble CBD Powder


We have patented a process technology that renders CBD, which is oil-soluble, into a water-soluble composition.

Water solubilisation of CBD enables its addition to a wide range of beverages and processed foods.

Feature of our Watersoluble Powder

1. Emulsification-FREE 

2. NO bitterness

3. HIGH stability(Good with alcohol and salt)

4. Gastrointestinal absorption rate

    *3.4 times higher than normal 

    oil formulations *approx.

(based on our internal research)

Product Line-ups

*Samples are also available.


Purity 99%+(Original Standard)

CBD 70~95%(Original Standard)


Watersoluble CBD Powder
Concentration: 2%/6%
(Process Patent Licese No.7140865)

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