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We have added Jerusalem artichokes to our Kitchodo lineup! 

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Jerusalem artichoke for Reducing Triglycerides Levels

Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin, which helps reduce the level of triglycerides in your system. With the uptake of a western diet, there are more and more people who intake an excess of calories in their diet. The inulin contained in Jerusalem artichoke improves pancreatic function and also suppresses the absorption of sugars.


Support Blood Glucose Levels

Jerusalem artichoke is recommended for those who are suffering from high blood glucose levels.  inulin, works to lower the blood sugar level so that it is called "natural insulin". Therefore, Jerusalem artichoke is also very effective in preventing and improving diabetes.


natural insulin

Jerusalem artichoke has the effect of promoting activation in the body

High levels of inulin contained in Jerusalem artichokes bypasses digestion and reaches the lower gut to feed the good bacteria that resides there. Studies suggest that feeding the indigenous micro flora and warding off bad bacteria is an important part of the treatment and prevention of hypertension.


Our Production Process

We have spent 7 years to develop the best optimal environment to harvesting our Jerusalem artichokes. Our fields are pesticide-free and we are confident to provide you with the best quality Jerusalem artichokes for you and your business. 


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In addition to wholesale of raw materials, we also accept OEM support for Jerusalem artichoke products.

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