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Utilizing natural and high quality raw materials for beauty and health

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What is seaberry

Seaberry (also known as Seabuckthorn) is a plant of the family Elaeagnaceae that inhabits in the Eurasian continent. Seaberry is used for anemia, immune strength, heart health, skin conditions, swelling and other conditions. Considered as a superfood, it also contains an abundant of vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, Omega and other active ingredients. 

Types of Products

What Can I Use Seaberries for?

​Seaberry can be used for cosmetics, beverages and foods!

Feel free to contact us to learn more in how you can implement Seaberries in your business' product line.



Benefits in Beauty with Seaberry

Seaberry has major beauty benefits for your everyday skin care. Rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids, seaberries help nourishes and protects the skin. High vitamin C content makes this the perfect ingredient for collagen production and skin care. 

・ Skin nutrition

・ Improvement of skin moisture content and improvement of skin flexibility

・ Anti-wrinkle effect

・ Enhancement of collagen production

・ Effect of increasing keratin water content

・ Reduction of transepidermal water loss


Health Benefits

All effects are recognized by the abundant active ingredients. It is an indispensable raw material in the healthy lifestyle and organic food industry in Japan today.


・ Suppress inflammation

・ Prevention of depression (serotonin)

・ Damage prevention effect

・ Polyvitamin effect

・ Improvement of constipation

・ Lower cholesterol

・ Cancer prevention

・ Improve cancer treatment effect


Pesticide-free, 100% natural

Here at Kitchodo, we strive to provide high quality and safe products for your business. For seaberries, we have obtained various certifications with state-of-the-art technology that meets the highest international standards. Cultivation and production will be carried out based on (using equipment made in Germany).

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